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Read Series: Gabe Wager

by Author Rex Burns


Angle of Attack (2012)

A tip about a murdered mob boss forces Gabe Wager to reopen a cold caseA year ago, Marco Scorvelli was murdered while picking up his morning paper. A sawed-off shotgun put a hole in his stomach, and streaked the inside of his sports coat with the mob boss’s innards. As Scorvelli crawled towards h...

Angle of Attack (2012) by Rex Burns

The Killing Zone (2012)

Wager hunts for the killer of a black councilman, as the city threatens to riotGabe’s girlfriend Jo is drowning. She stares up at him, eyes wide with terror, as he fights to grab her hand. In a moment, the frothing river swallows her up, and Jo is gone. Nine months have passed since Jo’s death, a...

The Killing Zone (2012) by Rex Burns

The Leaning Land (2012)

I enjoy books set in the American West and in Colorado in particular. This book is by a Colorado Author and takes place in Colorado.Gabe Wager, a Denver Cop, is brought in to assist in the investigation of a series of murders in the four corners area of Colorado. Turns out the people were killed ...

The Leaning Land (2012) by Rex Burns

Speak for the Dead (2012)

Now working homicide, Wager lands a gruesome case in the botanic garden Homicide cops are always suspicious of the drug enforcement division, so when ex-narcotics detective Gabe Wager arrives on the murder squad, his first assignment is the graveyard shift. His new commanding officer hopes that t...

Speak for the Dead (2012) by Rex Burns

The Avenging Angel (2012)

An unidentified body points Wager to a radical religious sectA year ago, homicide detective Gabe Wager had a man killed. Though Wager feels no guilt at doing away with an evil man, his partner, Max Axton, is disgusted, and has hardly spoken to him for a year. Now Wager and Axton have to work toge...

The Avenging Angel (2012) by Rex Burns

The Farnsworth Score (2012)

A botched coke bust forces Wager to go undercover for the first time in yearsFor six months, the Denver narcotics team and the DEA have built a case against a cocaine-dealing heavy named Farnsworth. When Detective Reitman makes the final buy, he runs a field test to make sure the package of powde...

The Farnsworth Score (2012) by Rex Burns

Blood Line (2012)

When gang warfare claims his cousin, Detective Wager seeks justice There was a time in Denver when a child’s murder was a tragedy, but now that gangs have taken hold of the city, teenage deaths are sickeningly routine. As far as homicide detective Gabriel Wager can tell, the latest victim, a thir...

Blood Line (2012) by Rex Burns