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Read Series: Grabbed

by Author Lolita Lopez


Saved by Venom (2013)

It's official, Venom is now on my top ten list of Dream Men! He's Strong, protective, like a Boy Scout ready for anything, can go from scary as all get up to sweet and cuddly in about .2 seconds, he's patient, understanding, low maintenance and able to admit when he is wrong and talk things out. ...

Saved by Venom (2013) by Lolita Lopez

Caught by Menace (2013)

I read the first book in this series well over a year ago and totally intended to continue with it. Then got caught up reading a number of other erotic books/series and didn't get back to it, until now! And all I can say is shame on me!This story had a touch of everything I love in a good book. G...

Caught by Menace (2013) by Lolita Lopez

Grabbed by Vicious (2013)

REVIEW FOR AUDIO BOOK!Well, can you really call Harcos men aliens? IDK! They are just really big humanoid males... but let me tell you! This book GRABBED me at like the first chapter! Hallie, getting ready to run for her freedom in the Grab, gets collared by a big Harcos warrior or "Sky Warrior",...

Grabbed by Vicious (2013) by Lolita Lopez