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Read Series: Hater

by Author David Moody


Them or Us (2000)

Probably one of the better she of the world book series I have read. David Moody has managed to create a stark and bleak world full of violence and pain but through it all managed to find a way to shine a glimmer of light and hope though the ash burned clouds. When we were originally introduced t...

Them or Us (2000) by David Moody

Them or Us. David Moody (2012)

The third in the trilogy, this novel ended the way any such trilogy could end. So, reflecting on the series, this series is - like all good literature - the story of a man on a quest. He's searching for humanity, for life. What is it that makes life worth living? He knew at one point but, then, f...

Them or Us. David Moody (2012) by David Moody

Dog Blood (2010)

I am going to write one review for the whole trilogy. I liked the concept. I liked the characters. I like the scenesetting, the texture, that language, and the dialogue. What I didn't like was the timing. These three books had the feel of ONE REALLY GREAT BOOK stretched on the rack until the...

Dog Blood (2010) by David Moody

Hater (2010)

I don't know what I was expecting when I started this book, I knew it was going to be another apocalypse book and that it was going to involve some violence based on its name. Man, was I ever in for a surprise when I started reading it. The violence Mr. Moody put into this book is on par with w...

Hater (2010) by David Moody