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Read Series: Honor Harrington

by Author David Weber


Mission of Honor-ARC (2010)

Fun! A little overly complex but a good read. Rather too much techie detail.

Mission of Honor-ARC (2010) by David Weber

Mission of Honor (2010)

This is the worst Honor Harrington novel I have read.It reminds me of many American TV series that start out great, then the writers run out of ideas so they introduce the most bizarre and stupid characters and plotlines in an effort to cover up they have no idea what they are doing. If this fai...

Mission of Honor (2010) by David Weber

A Rising Thunder (2012)

I'm being generous with two stars, but I did actually finish reading it.I've read at least a couple other books in the Honor Harrington series, and really enjoyed them (On Basilisk Station and The Shadow of Saganami). Unfortunately this book just didn't appeal to me. It was overloaded with so man...

A Rising Thunder (2012) by David Weber