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Read Series: Howl

by Author Jody Morse


A Girl and Her Wolf (2014)

When Samara and Declan go away on their honeymoon, Emma and Colby are left with babysitting duty. With the rest of the pack also gone, they are eager to enjoy two weeks of relaxation in a quiet house with Davenport. But things in the Tala pack are never quiet. Bennett the ghost is still hanging a...

A Girl and Her Wolf (2014) by Jody Morse

The Better to Bite (2012)

I have only ever read Cynthia Eden's adult novels before and was a little bit nervous to read her first teen story. However, I am so glad that I did because it was incredible! Even though this story is shorter than a full-length novel it captures your attention from the very beginning and doesn...

The Better to Bite (2012) by Cynthia Eden