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Read Series: Hugo Fitzduane

by Author Victor O'Reilly


Rules of the Hunt (1995)

From the author of Games of the Hangman comes a story of international intrigue featuring Hugo Fitzduane, the Irish ex-soldier and war photographer who killed the terrorist madman known as the Hangman. Targeted by the Hangman's allies, Fitzduane finds he must take the fight to his enemies--or be ...

Rules of the Hunt (1995) by Victor O'Reilly

Devil's Footprint (1998)

Victor O'Reilly is back with his most explosive novel ever! Hugo Fitzduane - the hero of "Games of the Hangman" and "Rules of the Hunt" - returns to face the Hangman's vengeful a full-scale assault on American soil. First time in paperback A blockbuster follow-up to Victor O'Reilly's...

Devil's Footprint (1998) by Victor O'Reilly