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Read Series: Indigo Lounge

by Author Zara Cox


Soar (2000)

* ARC PROVIDED BY THE AUTHOR FOR AN HONEST REVIEW *Soar by Zara Cox is the 4th and final installment in the Indigo Lounge series. A warning up front ... do not read this review if you have not read High, Higher, and Spiral as there is no possible way to talk about this novel without spoiling some...

Soar (2000) by Zara Cox

Higher (2014)

2.5 StarsI can't get over what Zach's "secret" was. I think it was blown WAY out of proportion. Zach had built a business from the ground up that is so successful it's made him a billionaire. You don't reach that level of success by being an idiot. Yet, the way he handled the circumstances and af...

Higher (2014) by Zara Cox