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Read Series: Instrumentality Of Mankind

by Author Cordwainer Smith


Norstrilia (1985)

Cordwainer Smith was an odd anomaly of his time in the world of SF. An expert on East Asia and the author of a pretty well regarded book on psychological warfare, he basically wrote SF in his spare time (along with some other scattered novels under other pen names) and didn't accumulate many of t...

Norstrilia (1985) by Cordwainer Smith

We the Underpeople (2006)

Novel and short stories:1 Norstrilia [Novel]2 Alpha Ralpha Boulevard 3 Mother Hitton's Littul Kittons 4 The Ballad of Lost C'Mell 5 The Dead Lady of Clown Town 6 Under Old EarthHumans are kept stagnantly happy by the 'Instrumentality' totalitarian government. Underpeople are slave humanoids bred ...

We the Underpeople (2006) by Cordwainer Smith