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Read Series: Jeff & Lloyd

by Author William J. Mann


The Men from the Boys (1998)

I don't read many gay novels; I burned out on them in the Nineties, since so many seemed to be about AIDS and its impact. That's why it was strange reading this one, written in 1997, now. AIDS figures into the plot, but it's more a post-AIDS look at gay relationships, why they're different, and w...

The Men from the Boys (1998) by William J. Mann

Where the Boys Are (2004)

4 1/2 stars Excellent read.(view spoiler)[After I got over my qualms about reading a whole book in present perfect tense (yeah, ironic, since I'm writing in that form ...), I discovered a story full of fascinating characters who are just trying to live their lives to the fullest and get along wit...

Where the Boys Are (2004) by William J. Mann

Men Who Love Men (2007)

At forty, long-time lovers Jeff O'Brien and Lloyd Griffith are the still-sexy poster boys for contented domesticity, running their P-town bed and breakfast together. But, with their wedding day approaching, can these two famously non-monogamous freethinkers really agree to "forsake all others"? M...

Men Who Love Men (2007) by William J. Mann