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Read Series: Joan Kahn-harper

by Author Julian Symons


The Players and The Game (2015)

Symons, Julian. THE PLAYERS AND THE GAME. (1972). ****. Symons writes psychological crime novels with heavy sprinklings of police procedural. He is one of the few English writers elected a Grand Master of the Mystery Writers of America. His company there includes Graham Greene, Daphne du Ma...

The Players and The Game (2015) by Julian Symons

The Man Whose Dreams Came True (1977)

A likeable but rather hapless young man decides he's tired of small-time games and attempts to break into the big league. However, he finds himself woefully out of his depth and ends up caught out in an ingenious back-firing murder conspiracy. Entertaining and full of suspense, Symons' plot has e...

The Man Whose Dreams Came True (1977) by Julian Symons