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Read Series: Kontra's Menagerie

by Author Charlie Richards


Breaking the Playboy's Curse (2013)

I like this series, it's a quick read, in this case a bit too quick. Vail has always led his shifter gang to think he was just a love em and leave em kind of guy, but that wasn't quite the case, his family is cursed, so that any mate will die within a year, so he has sworn never to tie himself to...

Breaking the Playboy's Curse (2013) by Charlie Richards

In the Eyes of Crazy (2013)

We all have our 'guilty pleasure' buys like chocolate or shoes. One of mine is Charlie Richards' books. I came across her stories when I was looking for something enjoyably light with a smidge of action that would balance all the dark angsty drama in my parnanormal romance reading and these boo...

In the Eyes of Crazy (2013) by Charlie Richards

Dominating the Wolf (2012)

It was okay. Nothing really unique, but really is with these MM shifter stories what is unique anymore? Heh. I did like how Eli was a snake shifter as they're uncommon in these types of stories. I also liked that it was inter-racial. For some reason I don't see as many of those as there should be...

Dominating the Wolf (2012) by Charlie Richards