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Read Series: Kyle Adams

by Author Janette Oke


Tomorrow's Dream (2011)

Kyle Is A Purposeful Younf Woman who, is " Another Homecoming, " delights in a reunion with her birth parents and a new relationship with her brother. Now with husband Kenneth beside her to share her joy and oversee the family's legacy, Kyle's life seems perfect.

Tomorrow's Dream (2011) by Janette Oke

Another Homecoming (2011)

Here's my review from when I read the book years ago (who knows if I'd still gush over it so much):I LOVED it! It was so emotional and touching and riveting! I read the last half of it all in one night, staying up till 2:00 to finish it! I cried deeply at one time when there was something very sa...

Another Homecoming (2011) by Janette Oke