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Read Series: Louisiana

by Author Shirlee Busbee


Le Lys et la Rose (1988)

The passion of their fury was the splendor of their love... As her golden auburn hair fell luxuriantly about Sabrina's flawlessly beautiful shoulders, Brett Dangermond was lost in the desire of the moment. And Sabrina, who had adored him as a girl, was left trembling with confusion and fear, and ...

Le Lys et la Rose (1988) by Shirlee Busbee

Whisper to Me of Love (1991)

A whisper of passion... She was a raven-harried waif from the streets of London-- a wild innocent to be rescued... and tamed. A spirited beauty, she would captivate Royce Manchester's jaded heart-- while resisting the smoldering desire she felt fo her virile protector.A whisper of danger... In Ro...

Whisper to Me of Love (1991) by Shirlee Busbee

Gypsy Lady (1977)

Catherine Tremayne's aristocratic loveliness was a flower no man had yet dared to pluck.. But when Jason Savage first beheld the violet-eyed beauty, she was disguised as a Gypsy -- a maiden long ago stolen from her father's Cornish estate. Only after he had carried her off to Paris on a dangerou...

Gypsy Lady (1977) by Shirlee Busbee

Lady Vixen (1980)

Beautiful, headstrong Nicole Ashford was yet untouched by passion, but destined for adventure - and pleasure - beyond anything a woman of her time had ever known.Outwitting a ruthless plot against her, she fled her aristocratic England home on a privateer's ship bound for the luxurious pirate hav...

Lady Vixen (1980) by Shirlee Busbee

Deceive Not My Heart (1984)

To clarify, this is more a 4.5* book than a 4* book, but not quite a 5* due to the "abrupt" ending. Every romance reader knows what I mean by that . . . the wrap up of the hero and heroine "cementing" their love story and, in particular, a VERY central "mystery" detail of the entire plotline was...

Deceive Not My Heart (1984) by Shirlee Busbee

Each Time We Love (1993)

THIS UNTAMED HEART Wild and willful Savanna O'Rourke has yet to meet her match in any male --- until she is abducted by a pair of murderous outlaws who think she knows the secret to a hidden treasure. And to escape, she must join forces with the blackguard she blames for her father's death --- a ...

Each Time We Love (1993) by Shirlee Busbee