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Read Series: Maijstral

by Author Walter Jon Williams


House of Shards (1988)

Silverside Station caters to the rich, the famous, and the celebrated— but is it big enough for top thieves Drake Maijstral and Geoff Fu George, both of whom have set their sights on the Eltdown Shard, a fabulous jewel that captures the light of a dying sun, a jewel that dangles around the comely...

House of Shards (1988) by Walter Jon Williams

Rock of Ages (1995)

The saga of Drake Maijstral, introduced in The Crown Jewels, continues. Drake is the number one rated Allowed Burglar in the Human Constellation, a vast-galaxy spanning confederation that exists side-by-side with the ancient Khosali Empire--but nearly everyone he meets seems to want to challenge ...

Rock of Ages (1995) by Walter Jon Williams

The Crown Jewels (1987)

Peleng is a planet ripe for the plucking, and Drake Maijstral is an Allowed Burglar rated in the Top Ten by the Imperial Sporting Commission. But what should be a simple case of breaking-and-plundering turns into an intergalactic crisis when Maijstral steals something so rare, so valuable, so u...

The Crown Jewels (1987) by Walter Jon Williams