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Read Series: Manawaka Sequence

by Author Margaret Laurence


A Bird in the House (1989)

I like reading short stories even though the form confounds me a bit. I've heard it said that short stories are harder to write than novels, so I often wonder why an author like Alice Munro chooses the format, and as a reader, as much as I love her collections, I feel a bit deflated as each story...

A Bird in the House (1989) by Margaret Laurence

The Diviners (1993)

This is really more like 3.5 stars for me, but I suppose it does belong a notch above my other 3 star ratings, so it will have to be a 4. After reading and loving The Stone Angel, I decided to try and read all of the Manawaka series of books and, although The Diviners is the last in the series, i...

The Diviners (1993) by Margaret Atwood