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Read Series: Marcus Glenwood

by Author T. Davis Bunn


Drummer In the Dark (2001)

This book gets off to a slow start, taking a bit too long to let us in on what’s going on, but once it gets going, it’s not bad.Wynn Bryant is a man of means who obviously travels in better circles than I do, since at a mere suggestion from his sister, he becomes an interim Congressman. He wande...

Drummer In the Dark (2001) by T. Davis Bunn

Winner Take All (2003)

An excellent suspense book.At the beginning I was confused by the chapters that are in italics. I figured that out and enjoyed the rest of the book very much. It is not like the 'normal' fiction books I read. The subject matter is deeper. Though, I like that about it. It is nice to read a more ch...

Winner Take All (2003) by T. Davis Bunn

The Great Divide (2001)

When attorney Marcus Glenwood resigns from a prestigious corporate law firm to retreat to a small town in North Carolina and rebuild his life after a devastating personal tragedy, he suddenly finds himself in the biggest and most emotionally difficult case of his career.Fragile and spiritually wo...

The Great Divide (2001) by T. Davis Bunn