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Read Series: Mars Trilogy

by Author Kim Stanley Robinson


Blue Mars (1997)

This review of Blue Mars is in fact a review of the entire trilogy, since it's one continuous story -- one that altogether weighs in at something around 2,300 pages. I've been living on Mars for the last 3 months and wish that, if it were possible, I could actually live there, at least the Mars p...

Blue Mars (1997) by Kim Stanley Robinson

Red Mars (1993)

Red Mars deserves a place in the American literary canon, and not as an exemplar of "hard SF," scifi's most pocket-protected sub-genre, but as a compelling, substantive text that has something distinctive to say about life in the present and, perhaps, about being American. Let me fail to explain:...

Red Mars (1993) by Kim Stanley Robinson

Marte verde (1997)

Ha pasado casi una generacion desde la llegada de los Primeros Cien. Tras la violenta y fracasada revolucion de 2061, Marte Rojo ha desaparecido. Meteoritos de hielo bombardean la atmosfera para hacerla mas humeda; en el desierto se siembran plantas transgeneticas, los crateres se transforman en ...

Marte verde (1997) by Kim Stanley Robinson

Green Mars (1995)

‘Green Mars’ is a novel which kept challenging my expectations, and then surpassing them. If you’d told me that I’d find a long section of a science fiction novel – dealing with a conference arguing what form a new Martian government would take – truly gripping, I would never have believed you. I...

Green Mars (1995) by Kim Stanley Robinson