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Read Series: Mary Elizabeth

by Author Joan Lowery Nixon


The Dark and Deadly Pool (2003)

Liz enjoys her summer pool job at the glamorous Ridley Hotel. Until the night, a dark and lonely night, a ghasty shadow surges up from the pool. A face -- eyes wide, mouth gaping -- stares at Liz. A hand clutches at her sneaker. Then it, whatever it is, is gone. But danger isn't. Strange things a...

The Dark and Deadly Pool (2003) by Joan Lowery Nixon

The Weekend Was Murder (1994)

The book called The Weekend was Murder was about a sixteen year old girl named Liz, and she worked at a very expensive hotel called the Ridley's hotel. There was a roomer that was spreading saying that the hotel was being haunted by a ghost in room number nineteen!!! When the ghost was a male hum...

The Weekend Was Murder (1994) by Joan Lowery Nixon