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Read Series: Merlin's Harp

by Author Anne Eliot Crompton


Gawain and Lady Green (1997)

Honor, pride, love, and betrayal abound in Crompton's latest work, as a mysterious green stranger gallops into King Arthur's court. A unique challenge is posed by this outsider: any knight sitting at the Round Table may try to chop off his head on the condition that if they succeed, he will have ...

Gawain and Lady Green (1997) by Anne Eliot Crompton

Merlin's Harp (2010)

A different take on the Arthurian legend, this book tells the story from the viewpoint of Niviene, a fey mage whose mother is a friend to Merlin. Through Merlin, Niviene eventually becomes caught up in human affairs, particularly those of King Arthur. Familiar events play out through the course o...

Merlin's Harp (2010) by Anne Eliot Crompton