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Read Series: Mike Cramer

by Author Stephen Leather


The Double Tap (1992)

The assassin - the world's most successful contract killer. An anonymous professional with a unique calling card - one bullet in the head and one in the chest for each of his targets. The Judas goat - an ex-member of the SAS, Mike Cramer is the perfect sacrificial bait. When the FBI discover the...

The Double Tap (1992) by Stephen Leather

The Chinaman (1992)

In Vietnam Nguyen Ngoc Minh was a Vietnemase killer but heswitched sides and went with the US and he became a ruthlesshunter of his former comrades. At the end of the war the North was overtaking the South and Nguyen had to get out with hisfamily. He made it to the American Embassy with passes t...

The Chinaman (1992) by Stephen Leather