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Read Series: Mongo

by Author George C. Chesbro


Shadow of a Broken Man (1999)

For my full review, please visit Casual Debris.George C. Chesbro's semi-popular dwarf private detective, lecturer and criminologist Dr. Robert Frederickson, better known as retired circus acrobat "Mongo the Magnificent," first appeared in various magazines in the early 1970s, most notably Alfred ...

Shadow of a Broken Man (1999) by George C. Chesbro

An Affair of Sorcerers (1999)

Three apparently separate investigations involving the New York City occult underground of covens, warlocks, tarot readers, faith healers, and palm readers dovetail into a single, explosive climax.

An Affair of Sorcerers (1999) by George C. Chesbro

Two Songs This Archangel Sings (1986)

Mongo and his brother Garth are changed forever, as is their view of the world, because they possess a secret that must never be told. Here the epic adventure continues as the brothers become fugitives and outcasts struggling to solve the puzzle of an extremely dangerous Vietnam veteran with info...

Two Songs This Archangel Sings (1986) by George C. Chesbro

Dark Chant in a Crimson Key (1992)

Chesbro's dwarf detective Dr. Robert Frederickson--known to his friends as Mongo--was cited by Time as one of the successful challengers to the bruiser class of hard-boiled heroes. In this novel-length adventure, when a world-class philanthropist offers the P.I. what amounts to a free vacation in...

Dark Chant in a Crimson Key (1992) by George C. Chesbro

An Incident at Bloodtide (2000)

Dirty dealings by multinational corporations and a bizarre, black-magic wielding enemy flavor the eleventh novel-length adventure for Chesbro's celebrated dwarf detective, Dr. Robert Mongo Frederickson--called by Publishers Weekly one of the most appealing creations in the detective world.

An Incident at Bloodtide (2000) by George C. Chesbro

The Language of Cannibals (1999)

While investigating the death of a friend in a small village in the Hudson River Valley, Mongo must unexpectedly duel with an old enemy as well as a right-wing conspiracy.

The Language of Cannibals (1999) by George C. Chesbro

The Fear in Yesterday's Rings (1992)

In this tenth novel of his adventures, Mongo is in America's heartland, hoping to buy back a circus for an old friend. But when a string of grisly murders follows the traveling show, the dwarf detective finds himself back in center ring--in the Deadliest Show on Earth. "Chesbro generates genuine ...

The Fear in Yesterday's Rings (1992) by George C. Chesbro

The Beasts of Valhalla (1987)

"Thermonuclear war may destroy human life--indeed, all life--over the planet, but not necessarily so. In fact, the solutions to the equations indicate that the outside parameters for our existence may be as much as three or four hundred years. But no more. The means by which we destroy ourselves ...

The Beasts of Valhalla (1987) by George C. Chesbro