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Read Series: New York

by Author Lainey Reese


Embracing the Fall (2014)

I thought this book was going to be an erotic story about D/s and BDSM, and it was, but it was more than that. It starts with the friendship of two young college girls and shows how a terrible experience to one of them brings them even closer. The story follows them into their careers and intro...

Embracing the Fall (2014) by Lainey Reese

Asztal három főre (2013)

Don't expect much of a plot because there isn't one, but there is lots of sex. Cade and Trevor lure Riley into lifestyle menage with some Dom/Sub action thrown in. Though it's not all whips and pain; Riley sprinkles a little sweetness to get what she wants. Oh, there is a weak mystery behind th...

Asztal három főre (2013) by Lainey Reese

Truly (2013)

Ruthie Knox has become one of my favorite romance authors. I love her style and voice, her stories are believable thanks to well-written characters, and I always get what I want - the possibility of vicarious living through other people's adventures. The heroine's growth in this one was a sight t...

Truly (2013) by Ruthie Knox

Sonnenaufgang über New York (2000)

4+ stars! Loved it, loved it, loved it! This was my third book by this author and she knows how to write good NA. Maybe this was adult, I don't know. It was really good though! Loved how this story evolved, how May and Ben met and got together. The chemistry was great and I loved how none of them...

Sonnenaufgang über New York (2000) by Ruthie Knox

A Table for Three (2010)

Well, that was a smokin on a stick story! I've not been into the world of the Threesome much until now. It was really well written and I honestly loved both Cade and Trevor equally. Riley was just the right amount of sub and sass that she didn't come across as a complete pushover. It wa...

A Table for Three (2010) by Lainey Reese

Innocence Defied (2013)

Praise to Lainey Reese! Innocence Defied is provocative and sensual. I could not put it down. Zoe, Oops, Marshall has waited long enough to go after exactly what she wants. And what she wants is Gage Hollister, her older brother's best friend. After some clever maneuvering, arrangements are m...

Innocence Defied (2013) by Lainey Reese