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Read Series: Oath Of Empire

by Author Thomas Harlan


The Dark Lord (2003)

To be fair to Thomas Harlan, the quality of his writing is unsurprisingly as top-notch as in the three previous books in The Oath of Empire series. But at the same time, this reader thinks that the excessive details and multiple plot threads, no matter how finely written they may be, could have ...

The Dark Lord (2003) by Thomas Harlan

The Storm of Heaven (2001)

The saga continues as the telecast turns.Thomas Harlan puts out another fine book, the follow-up to Gate of Fire, and yet another showcase of his literary quality.In religiously festive manner, Rome attempts to rebuild itself and rise from the ashes in the aftermath of Mount Vesuvius's eruption. ...

The Storm of Heaven (2001) by Thomas Harlan

The Shadow of Ararat (1999)

A lot of fantasy is epic, and usually involves dwarves, elves and wizards. Well, I can't say The Shadow of Ararat is epic in that tradition, but as the first volume of The Oath of Empire series, it sure has scope.This is a sweeping tale. If it were less fantastic, it's the sort of thing that woul...

The Shadow of Ararat (1999) by Thomas Harlan

The Gate of Fire (2001)

If someone were to ask what this reader's thoughts are on Thomas Harlan's second book in the Oath of Empire series, off the top of my head I would say that it is mighty descriptive. Not a slight detail is overlooked on anything written about the beard on Mohammed's face, the hair on Maxian's hea...

The Gate of Fire (2001) by Thomas Harlan