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Read Series: Orchard

by Author Sheila Connolly


Sour Apples (2012)

This was just a really bad book. I have enjoyed most of the series, but this book took the entire series down to a new low. Unlikable characters abound in this mess. The murderer was apparent from the first two chapters. After thinking about it, I realized that Ms. Connolly is really lacking in t...

Sour Apples (2012) by Sheila Connolly

Bitter Harvest (2011)

Sheila Connolly never disappoints. She melts together a great mystery with a better than average posse of friends and neighbours plus just enough sizzle in the romance part of her tale. This one kept me guessing and on my toes in a slightly creepy way - found myself thinking about who might be ...

Bitter Harvest (2011) by Sheila Connolly

A Killer Crop (2010)

This is the 4th in Sheila Connolly's Orchard Mystery series. It's my favorite so far. Meg's mother Elizabeth comes to visit an old friend, a college professor whose specialty is the poetry of Emily Dickinson. When the professor turns up dead in a nearby cider mill Elizabeth is suspected of killin...

A Killer Crop (2010) by Sheila Connolly