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Read Series: Past Imperfect

by Author Nuruddin Farah


Links (2005)

MAPS is a superb book--lyrical, experimental, moving, memorable. Since reading MAPS a few years ago, I root for Farah each October when they're about to announce the Nobel laureates.LINKS, however, seems like it was written by a different person. It's clunky, talky, lifeless. I couldn't wait for ...

Links (2005) by Nuruddin Farah

Knots (2007)

A new novel from one of the world's great writers-an extraordinary work set in Mogadiscio, Somalia-that both breaks new ground and brings him back to his literary roots. A strong, self-reliant woman who was born in Somalia but brought up in North America, Cambara returns to Mogadiscio to escape a...

Knots (2007) by Nuruddin Farah