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Read Series: Paul Christopher

by Author Charles McCarry


The Miernik Dossier (2005)

Paul Christopher was a cool, urbane American mixed up with a comical Polish exile, a beautiful Hungarian seductress, and an African prince with a lust for women and power. It was up to Christopher to discover who was who in this sticky international mess.

The Miernik Dossier (2005) by Charles McCarry

Old Boys (2005)

Charles McCarry has been writing his Paul Christopher novels for forty years. I've read several of the novels over the past twenty-eight years - going back to high school. When I started the series I was a teenager and the Soviet Union still existed. Both are now gone, but Charles McCarry is stil...

Old Boys (2005) by Charles McCarry

Second Sight (2007)

Second Sight is seventh in the series that follows the legendary spy Paul Christopher-a man ensnared by a line of work that never failed to exert its insidious influence outside professional boundaries. Now retired and living the quiet life as a loving husband in Washington, D.C., Christopher h...

Second Sight (2007) by Charles McCarry

Christopher's Ghosts (2007)

It is the late 1930s, and young Christopher and his family are struggling against the rise of Nazi totalitarianism in Berlin. As he wrestles with a doomed love affair, he bears witness to an unspeakable atrocity committed by a remorseless SS officer.

Christopher's Ghosts (2007) by Charles McCarry

The Tears of Autumn (2005)

”There are dogs and kids, great books and great paintings and good music all over the White House,” he said. “It’s human again, the way it must have been under Franklin Roosevelt.” The power of John F. Kennedy didn’t just rest in his Hollywood good looks, or his youthful vibrancy or his beautifu...

The Tears of Autumn (2005) by Charles McCarry

The Better Angels (1989)

In a presidential election year, a liberal was pitted against a die-hard conservative in a political race that turned to a race of death. A cast of flambouyant characters including a TV anchorman, a radical beauty, a British operative, and a computer whiz all knew a bit of the truth that could sh...

The Better Angels (1989) by Charles McCarry

Shelley's Heart (1995)

Another fun read by Charles McCarry. Found a hardcover copy of this one at a used book sale for only 2 bucks and snapped it up. At 558 pages I was a little intimidated to begin, so it sat around a while. I'm not one to read "Political Thrillers" either, which also didn't get me to rush to it.W...

Shelley's Heart (1995) by Charles McCarry