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Read Series: Pauline Sokol Mystery

by Author Lori Avocato


A Dose of Murder (2004)

After years of chasing around sniffly munchkins with a tongue depressor, nurse Pauline Sokol has had it. She's sick of being an "angel of mercy"—she'd like to raise some hell for once! But finding a new career won't be easy for someone who's had no experience beyond thermometers and bedpans. Luc...

A Dose of Murder (2004) by Lori Avocato

One Dead Under the Cuckoo's Nest (2005)

When Pauline Sokol goes undercover to investigate brokers who match psychiatric patients with treatment facilities for high dollar bounties, she suddenly finds herself confined against her will in a mental hospital run by nuns! Of course, convincing the staff that she's not crazy is like convinci...

One Dead Under the Cuckoo's Nest (2005) by Lori Avocato

The Stiff and the Dead (2005)

This funny and charming second book in our promising new mass market mystery series features Pauline Sokol, a sassy 30–something ex–nurse turned medical insurance fraud investigator.Pauline Sokol has just escaped serious bodily harm during her first investigation, when her second case file is lit...

The Stiff and the Dead (2005) by Lori Avocato