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Read Series: Pee Wee Scouts

by Author Judy Delton


Pee Wee Pool Party (1996)

Summer vacation is here and all of the Pee Wees are excited about their newswimming badge. All, that is, except for Molly, who doesn't know how to swimand is afraid of the water. Can Molly earn her badge without actually gettingwet? She does her best to avoid the water, but when the day of Jody's...

Pee Wee Pool Party (1996) by Judy Delton

Camp Ghost-Away (2011)

This really sums up the average scout experience for younger kids, from what I've seen, though there are many troops that don't do so many scout-type things anymore. I can remember selling cookies through Girl Scouts and how intimidating our first camping trip. Kids that age used to get homesic...

Camp Ghost-Away (2011) by Judy Delton

Bookworm Buddies (1996)

Library cards and discovering how much fun reading can be make for a great Pee Wee adventure. This is the latest in the popular early chapter book series that teaches responsibility in an amusing manner kids love.

Bookworm Buddies (1996) by Judy Delton

Spring Sprouts (2010)

WIith a brand-new badge up for grabs, the Scouts set out to learn where their food comes from. Molly wants a garden of her own, so she gives her seeds plenty of sunlight, water, and . . . conversation? And while she waits for her veggies to sprout, a trip to a local farm turns out to be a lot fun...

Spring Sprouts (2010) by Judy Delton

Super Duper Pee Wee! (1995)

Share her room? Yikes! Molly's newly divorced aunt is coming to town, and she's taking over Molly's dresser, Molly's closet, and Molly's life. It's up to Molly and Mary Beth to see if they can marry her off to Roger's father. Meanwhile, Molly's worried about her own parents. Her mom threw a pillo...

Super Duper Pee Wee! (1995) by Judy Delton

Cookies and Crutches (1988)

The Pee Wee Scouts books are kind of like a gender-free Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts. I would say that this book in particular would appeal more to girls than boys because the story is written from the perspective of a girl, Molly, who likes to wish hexes on people and crosses her eyes when she fee...

Cookies and Crutches (1988) by Judy Delton

Moans and Groans and Dinosaur Bones (2008)

THE PEE WEE Scouts are on a field trip to the Science and History Museum! They see dinosaur skeletons and ancient mummies. But it’s what they don’t see that causes a problem. Where is the ancient Egyptian necklace? It’s worth a fortune—and it’s missing! Is there a crook in Center City? Molly and ...

Moans and Groans and Dinosaur Bones (2008) by Alan Tiegreen

A Big Box of Memories (2000)

The Pee Wees have to fill a time capsule to earn their last badge of 2000. But what one tiny thing will leave a lasting impression for scouts of tomorrow? It's not an easy question, but the Pee Wees are up to the challenge--and eager to make their mark on the future.

A Big Box of Memories (2000) by Judy Delton

Teeny Weeny Zucchinis (1995)

It's time for the Harvest Fest, and all the Pee Wees are planning to pitch in. Mary Beth will sell pumpkin cookies, Tracy's making acorn necklaces, and Molly...Well Molly's got other things on her mind. She's seen Jody and Rachel laughing together. Rachel likes Jody. But so does Molly!

Teeny Weeny Zucchinis (1995) by Judy Delton

Eggs with Legs (1996)

While the Pee Wees plan activities for spring holidays, Molly figures out the perfect Mother's Day present but creates trouble for herself because of an April Fools' trick.

Eggs with Legs (1996) by Judy Delton

Pee Wees on First (1995)

The Pee Wees are ready to play ball, but Molly is nervous. No matter how hard she tries, she can't seem to hit the ball. Roger is laughing at her, and Mary Beth is worried. It's not the winning or the losing that's important, it's how you play the game. Leave it to Molly to come up with a very, v...

Pee Wees on First (1995) by Judy Delton

Computer Clues (1998)

The Pee Wees are entering cyberspace! The scouts are earning their computer badges, and that means lots of fun -- and lots of surprises -- are in store. From surfing the Web to sending e-mail to going on a cyber treasure hunt, the online adventures keep getting better and better. And when Molly r...

Computer Clues (1998) by Judy Delton

Lucky Dog Days (1988)

AUGUST IS HELP-A-PET month! The Scouts decide that the best way to help homeless animals is to raise money at a yard sale. It's going to mean a lot of hard work. But, in the end, the Pee Wees might be lucky enough to get a pet of their own!

Lucky Dog Days (1988) by Judy Delton