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Read Series: Penguin Lives

by Author Larry McMurtry


Crazy Horse: A Life (2005)

Thoughtful and brief biography of Crazy Horse, the legendary Sioux warrior who has become a contemporary icon of resistance. McMurtry is a careful, fair-minded guide into a somewhat murky history: primary sources are rare, contradictory, and unreliable, and some earlier historians apparently s...

Crazy Horse: A Life (2005) by Larry McMurtry

Mao Zedong: A Life (2006)

Jonathan Spence's biography of Mao is concise yet revealing and detailed at the same time. Spence uses social, political, intellectual, and cultural history to provide good background information to Mao's life and also to explain the impacts of his policies. Spence is a fine historian. He admits ...

Mao Zedong: A Life (2006) by Jonathan D. Spence

Joan of Arc (2000)

As good as biographies get, this one was pretty good. I personally am not a fan of spending precious time in my life reading about someone else's (not that I'm saying books like this are a waste of time, they're just not my favorite thing). And as for the story itself, no one can say it's not at ...

Joan of Arc (2000) by Mary Gordon