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Read Series: Pennyfoot Hotel Mysteries

by Author Kate Kingsbury


Service for Two (1994)

During a funeral service for Dr. McDuff, mourners find the body of a murdered stranger in the casket, and Cecily Sinclair, owner of the Pennyfoot Hotel, sets out to assist the police in their investigations.

Service for Two (1994) by Kate Kingsbury

Maid to Murder (1999)

Amateur sleuth Cecily Sinclair's job as owner of the Pennyfoot Hotel takes a bizarre turn when three of the hotel maids turn up dead, each missing a single shoe, and Cecily sets out to uncover the truth about the crimes, in a mystery set in Edwardian England.

Maid to Murder (1999) by Kate Kingsbury

No Clue at the Inn (2005)

Cecily Sinclair Baxter can't resist the chance for a Christmas reunion at the beloved Pennyfoot Hotel. But when a housemaid goes missing, soon followed by one of London's most renowned barristers, she realizes that she may be on holiday, but death isn't.

No Clue at the Inn (2005) by Kate Kingsbury

Room with a Clue (1993)

Beginning a new series set in a seaside hotel in Edwardian England, Room with a Clue shows that murder never needs a reservation at the Pennyfoot Hotel. Owner Cecily Sinclair runs a smooth hotel, but the death of an offensive snob could kill her business.

Room with a Clue (1993) by Kate Kingsbury

Decked with Folly (2009)

Cecily Sinclair Baxter loves celebrating Christmas at the Pennyfoot except for one thing - the Christmas Curse that seems to happen each year. She's hoping this Christmas will finally be murder free but her hopes are quickly dashed when the body of a former employee is found in the duck pond. The...

Decked with Folly (2009) by Kate Kingsbury

Mistletoe and Mayhem (2010)

This Christmas mystery has all of the elements a cozy should have. It is a very cute book that leaves you wanting to read more about the characters. If you read a cozy expecting it to not be fluffy, you are reading the wrong genre! It is meant to be fluffy and cozy and not deep. People who critic...

Mistletoe and Mayhem (2010) by Kate Kingsbury