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Read Series: Pirates

by Author Karen Robards


Sea Fire (1998)

4 and ½ Stars - Sequel as Exciting a Pirate Story as the FirstOnce again, I disagree with the low reviews.This is the sequel to Robards’ ISLAND FLAME and it involves the same hero and heroine two years after their “happily ever after” in book 1. I gave the first story 4 and ½ stars and pretty muc...

Sea Fire (1998) by Karen Robards

Island Flame (1998)

Sir Thomas Aldley, the Queen's ambassador to Portugal, believes such a savage place is not fit for his budding 17-yr old daughter, Lady Catherine. God help us if she happens to fall in love with a rakish Spaniard, or something. Well, Lady C would have been better off, and the ol' man should have ...

Island Flame (1998) by Karen Robards