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Read Series: Poconos Pack

by Author Dana Marie Bell


Mr. Red Riding Hoode (2013)

Ok this was promising, but entirely too short.I was so looking forward to Mr. Red Riding Hoode for a very long time but it just fell flat for me, it felt like Chela and Steve met on Day 1 and mated on Day 2. This was unrealistic given that Chela had guarded her heart carefully for years, and ever...

Mr. Red Riding Hoode (2013) by Dana Marie Bell

Finding Forgiveness (2011)

Dana Marie Bell was and interesting and fun new author for me. The book was well written, was fresh, fun and light even if it took up serious issues, and nicely paced. The plot might be familiar to many shifter fans with destined mates, and it was clearly part of a series or two. But these things...

Finding Forgiveness (2011) by Dana Marie Bell