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Read Series: Porfiry Rostnikov

by Author Stuart M. Kaminsky


Black Knight in Red Square (2007)

The Moscow Film Festival may lack Cannes' boats, bikinis, and gentle breezes, but it has nevertheless attracted scores of international actors, directors, and deal-makers. For some, the festival represents Moscow's re-emergence as a world-class city. But for a gang of zealots headed by a beautifu...

Black Knight in Red Square (2007) by Stuart M. Kaminsky

Red Chameleon (1989)

This is the fifth Porfiry Rostnikov novel I've read, but it is actually the third in the series. And what a striking difference the Rostnikov here is from the other stories. Here Porfiry is a bitter, and almost depressed old man. His attempts at blackmailing the KGB into letting him and his Je...

Red Chameleon (1989) by Stuart M. Kaminsky