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Read Series: Raylan Givens

by Author Elmore Leonard


When the Women Come Out to Dance (2002)

The New York Times has called Elmore Leonard "the greatest crime writer of our time, perhaps ever." Of course, there's much more to his writing than just crime, and there's no better way to show the broad range of this author's talents than with a collection. It offers variety for diehard fans an...

When the Women Come Out to Dance (2002) by Elmore Leonard

Riding the Rap (2002)

I’ll tell you something: my love/hate relationship with Elmore Leonard has just shifted to slightly more into the love side of the equation. I didn’t much care for Pronto but I liked the audio book version of Raylan quite a bit. So I thought I’d leave it up to Riding the Rap to decide if Elmore L...

Riding the Rap (2002) by Elmore Leonard

Pronto (2002)

For me, there's John Steinbeck, Elmore Leonard and Flannery O'Connor and then all other authors. That said, Leonard's work is championship caliber or DNP due to league substance violation. Hit or miss. His 1993 novel Pronto actually lopes along for 241 pages occupying the middle of the pack. Rath...

Pronto (2002) by Elmore Leonard