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Read Series: Robopocalypse

by Author Daniel H. Wilson


Robopocalipsis (2012)

Están en tu casa... Están en tu coche... Están en el cielo... Y ahora vienen a por ti....«Ustedes, los humanos, son máquinas biológicas diseñadas para crear herramientas cada vez más inteligentes. Han llegado a la cumbre de su especie. La vida de sus antepasados, el auge y la decadencia de sus na...

Robopocalipsis (2012) by Daniel H. Wilson

Robogenesis (2014)

4 Stars...I think.I read Robogenesis directly after having re-read Robopacalypse and I might be giving four stars based on the tandem. I am not quite sure how to grade Robogenesis on its own. I can't wait to read it again with a better understanding of the story.Initially, I found it very hard to...

Robogenesis (2014) by Daniel H. Wilson

Robocalypse (2011)

If you read the top reviews of Robopocalypse on Goodreads you are going to see some pretty low scores and some scathing criticism. Those criticisms are all spot on. Fortunately, they didn't deter me from enjoying this book. Sure, it is one bad cliche after another. The characters are flat cut...

Robocalypse (2011) by Daniel H. Wilson