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Read Series: Ruining

by Author Nicole Reed


Wasted Heart (2000)

I loved the first two books in this series, and was looking forward to hearing about Rhye. However, I didn't really connect with this book like I was hoping. We come to find Rhye around 4-years after he walks away from Jay since she had chosen someone else...she always chooses someone else over R...

Wasted Heart (2000) by Nicole Reed

Ruining Me (2000)

Jay atau James hidup dengan memasang topeng selama 2 tahun. Dia putuskan pacarnya, JT dan menghindari sahabatnya Molly dan Reed. Setiap malam dia mengalami mimpi buruk. Dia tidak pernah menceritakan pada siapapun tentang kejadian yang menimpanya dua tahun lalu. Kejadian yang menghancurkan kehidup...

Ruining Me (2000) by Nicole Reed

Ruining You (2013)

Nicole Reed you have completely outdone yourself with this book, it was absolutely incredible!Ruining You starts off a couple of months after Ruining Me. Jay Stevenson has been through hell and back in her short 18 years and she had finally had enough. Jay’s life almost came to a forced end when ...

Ruining You (2013) by Nicole Reed