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Read Series: Run This Town

by Author Avril Ashton


(Watch Me) Body You (2014)

Is and Reggie.....they are both new to M/M love which they have tried to ignore their feelings and thoughts toward each other. Reggie can no longer hide and it takes Is a little while to get on board but, when he does and the both get together that first time...WOW it was HOT and I loved that the...

(Watch Me) Body You (2014) by Avril Ashton

(Watch Me) Break You (2014)

2.5 stars. I didn’t particularly care for this. It’s always a bit hard to swallow the “bad guy” as MC trope but there are many books that manage to pull that off. I typically don’t feel like Ashton’s books do. I didn’t feel that the BDSM was organic, Dima was a bit too dommy to be a sub in my...

(Watch Me) Break You (2014) by Avril Ashton