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Read Series: Ryland Brothers

by Author Kathryn Smith


In Your Arms Again (2004)

Their passion was stronger than ever... Try as she might, Lady Octavia Vaux-Daventry cannot make herself fall in love with her groom-to-be. But a marriage to one of society's wealthiest noblemen will provide her a life so unlike her impoverished London childhood, and fulfill the promise she made...

In Your Arms Again (2004) by Kathryn Smith

Elusive Passion (2001)

Who is the mysterious Varya? On the surface she's a woman who tempts men beyond reason, but no one has touched the heart of the elusive creature...that is, until now Miles Christian, the Marquess of Wynter, never expected to be abducted at gunpoint and accused of murder — and certainly not by a w...

Elusive Passion (2001) by Kathryn Smith