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Read Series: Savages

by Author Don Winslow


Kings of Cool (2012)

Crazy fun to read! This is a hyper fast story with witty dialogue and cultural references every other sentence. I especially loved the lines from The Godfather. If you want more insight into the drug world, you'll get both perspectives: those who are for drugs and those who are against them. It w...

Kings of Cool (2012) by Don Winslow

I re del mondo (2012)

A prequel for Savages, this novel gives us the back story of O, Ben and Chon including time shifting chapters illustrating events in Laguna Beach in the late 60s and early 70s. Winslow employs an unconventional style that reminded me of Ken Bruen although in this case not as successfully done. No...

I re del mondo (2012) by Don Winslow

Le belve (2011)

This book is a reminder of why I should never give up reading fiction books as it is one that once you start, you can't put down. Chon and Ben, who are a former Navy Seal and a brilliant philanthropic guy, are best friends who are drug dealers in California. They have a free will girl who is be...

Le belve (2011) by Don Winslow