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Read Series: Scarlett Wakefield

by Author Lauren Henderson


Kus in de Nacht (2010)

I can't believe it- Henderson manages to keep up the writing standard she set for herself for the first two books in the series. I was engaged to the point of staying up until eleven, reading by the light of my cell phone, to finish the book! Although my eyes were burning my the time I slept, it ...

Kus in de Nacht (2010) by Lauren Henderson

Kisses and Lies (2009)

This book was a definite improvement. I loved how the action is potrayed in this novel. There is a big revelation about Dan, which I have to say I did not at all saw coming. First thing that I loved was that there was a conclusion in this book, the mystery was solved, I know who killed Dan and le...

Kisses and Lies (2009) by Lauren Henderson

Baci e bugie (2010)

book was much better than the first. I was right when I said I thought the first book was just setting things up. Things took off right from where they left off and really got going in the investigation of Dans murder. I think it's actually quite fascinating what happens with this mystery. Totall...

Baci e bugie (2010) by Lauren Henderson

Zoenen & leugens (2010)

This book took me awhile to get into, but then I did I'll have to say it did throw me for a loop in what really happened. I won't go into details I'll leave reading to everyone who is reading it and let you figure things out. I'm not one to ruin books for other, you will have to read it to find o...

Zoenen & leugens (2010) by Lauren Henderson