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Read Series: Scruples

by Author Judith Krantz


Scruples (1978)

Billy doesn't have the greatest childhood. Raised by her widowed father who was more involved with his medical research than her upbringing, Billy is closer to the housekeeper than her own father. She turns to food for comfort and ends up overweight and seriously introverted. A kind aunt helps he...

Scruples (1978) by Judith Krantz

Scruples Two: Fifteen Years Later (1993)

I have wanted to read this book for ages, ever since I found out there was a sequel to Scruples. I did not think I was EVER going to get through this. Additionally, I messed up by looking at her other books online & saw Billy & Spider were married so it made it drag that much worse, waiting on th...

Scruples Two: Fifteen Years Later (1993) by Judith Krantz

Lovers (1995)

Lovers is pure Krantz, an  intoxicating dance of love lost, stolen, and found  among women and men who lure each other with potent  combinations of money, talent, ambition, and  passion. Chief among them is irresistible Gigi Orsini,  the high-spirited, merry, adventurous creature who  grew up int...

Lovers (1995) by Judith Krantz