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Read Series: Secret File

by Author Len Deighton


Horse Under Water (1984)

This is the second in Len Deighton's 'nameless spy' series. (The notion that they're narrated by a real spy recounting real cases that have become unclassified is supported by his never saying his name in the books. In the movies based on some of the books, he's called Harry Palmer.) This was fun...

Horse Under Water (1984) by Len Deighton

Billion Dollar Brain (1984)

Originally published on my blog here in January 2004.The fourth Harry Palmer novel (in which he is still an unnamed narrator; the name was given him for the films) is the most dated of all of them. It relies on a plot device straight from James Bond or even The Man From UNCLE - the network of age...

Billion Dollar Brain (1984) by Len Deighton

Spy Story (1991)

-Review of Spy Story by Len Deighton-Spy Story by Len Deighton is one of the many spy novels written by this author and it portrays to us how the espionage divisions were used in Great Britain after World War II and before the Cold War during the Soviet Union attack threats. The protagonist of th...

Spy Story (1991) by Len Deighton

The Ipcress File (2009)

”Weapons aren’t terrible,” I said. “Areoplanes full of passengers to Paris, bombs full of insecticide, cannons with a man inside at a circus--these aren’t terrible. But a vase of roses in the hands of a man of evil intent is a murder weapon.” Michael Caine is “Harry Palmer”.The protagonist of th...

The Ipcress File (2009) by Len Deighton