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Read Series: Shane Scully

by Author Scott Brick


Vertical Coffin (2004)

I read this one in two sittings. And so far it's my favorite Cannell book. This one really hit home - really worked. I couldn't put it down, and read it in probably about eight total hours.(view spoiler)[In this story, the vertical coffin describes the doorway - where most SWAT teams take the ...

Vertical Coffin (2004) by Scott Brick

The Tin Collectors (2002)

I had some ups & downs with this. Overall, it was a pretty thrilling, well done suspense novel & well read, too. The story started with a bang & there were plenty of interesting twists & turns all the way through. While there was some hyperbole, nothing too far out of bounds. The characters we...

The Tin Collectors (2002) by Stephen J. Cannell

White Sister (2006)

WHITE SISTER by Stephen J. Cannell…..Cannell doesn’t write literary fiction. But then again, neither do I. What he does, and does best, is produce pure Hollywood pulp. WHITE SISTER was copyrighted in 2006 with a contemporary setting. But it could just as easily been a hardboiled story from the 19...

White Sister (2006) by Stephen J. Cannell

The Viking Funeral (2002)

Reading this many books in a row by a single author has advantages and disadvantages. The good is that I really get in touch with (and stay close to) the continuing characters. The downside is that you also get really in touch with the author's little hitches. His overuse of the same clichés a...

The Viking Funeral (2002) by Stephen J. Cannell

Cold Hit (2006)

Cannell, Stephen J. COLD HIT. (2005). ***. Billed as a Shane Scully novel, this escapade follows Detective Scully of the LAPD as he tries to bring to justice the perpetrator of the “fingertip murders.” Bodies have been turning up in the LA River (You know, the one all paved over.) shot to de...

Cold Hit (2006) by Stephen J. Cannell

The Pallbearers (2010)

Pretty good. I am a fan of the Shane Scully series and really enjoyed this one as it had the usual elements (police procedures, Shane's unique take on things, action). But it did not have a common problem with other Shane Scully novels--a decent plot which in the third act becomes way too compl...

The Pallbearers (2010) by Stephen J. Cannell

On The Grind (2009)

I'm not a fan of thrillers though I can enjoy an occasional mystery/thriller. I thought this was one of those. As far as I can tell it is not. I did not finish it but I didn't discover an interesting mystery to keep me engaged and didn't "connect" with the character so I gave up. There are plent...

On The Grind (2009) by Stephen J. Cannell

Prostitutes' Ball, The (2010)

The Prostitute's Ball by Stephen J. Cannell 5 starsStephen J. Cannell does it again! Seriously, is there anything this guy writes that ISN'T good? I loved this book-until I thought about it the next day then I decided to quit worrying about the loose ends and holes in the plot and just love thi...

Prostitutes' Ball, The (2010) by Stephen Cannell