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Read Series: Sid Halley

by Author Dick Francis


Odds Against (2005)

”It came, the blinding flash in the eyes, as we soared into the air. White, dazzling, brain shattering light, splintering the day into a million fragments and blotting out the world in a blaze as searing as the sun. I felt Revelation falling beneath me and rolled instinctively, my eyes open and q...

Odds Against (2005) by Dick Francis

Come to Grief (2005)

"Come to Grief" by Dick Francis describes the final result - everyone mourns many lost lives, friendships, loyalties. "I had this friend, you see, that everyone loved." I thought narrator Sid was starting with his previous case, but no, the friend and connected relationships - parents, social gro...

Come to Grief (2005) by Dick Francis

Whip Hand (2005)

Winning was all. Winning was my function. What I was there for. What I wanted. What I was born for.In the dream, I won the race. The shouting turned to cheering, and the cheering lifted me up on its wings, like a wave. But the winning was all; not the cheering. I woke in the dark, as I often did,...

Whip Hand (2005) by Dick Francis

Under Orders (2006)

There was a time when I would buy the latest Dick Francis hardback every time I visited England in September. But that was in another life and I only recently caught up with this, Francis’ purported last solo effort. It was delightful to meet Sid Halley once again. He was the protagonist of the v...

Under Orders (2006) by Dick Francis

Dick Francis's Refusal (2013)

I've been on a Francis marathon reading frenzy -- catching up on the four or five novels that I have missed since they have been either co-written or under Felix's byline. This was definitely the best! The pace was fast, the heightened suspense, the clever plot and the revisiting of a favorite pr...

Dick Francis's Refusal (2013) by Felix Francis

Refusal (2013)

I've loved Dick Francis' books since I was in high school, and own a complete collection of his novels. To say that the son does not live up to his father's writing would be understating the obvious. I've been trying to read through his books. I powered through Silks, and Gamble... but the fire t...

Refusal (2013) by Felix Francis