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Read Series: Simeon Grist Mystery

by Author Timothy Hallinan


A Man With No Time (1993)

Raging underneath the high-profile headline crimes that throw a community into uproar are the back-alley wars that really control the pulse of a city. In his latest adventure, Simeon Grist, with his hard edge and sharp wit, takes up his own battle with a set of criminals who are the scourge of th...

A Man With No Time (1993) by Timothy Hallinan

Skin Deep (1992)

Hired to keep Toby Vane, prime-time's number one leading man, out of trouble, Simeon Grist is certain the job will be a piece of cake--that is, until Vane is framed for the murder of a nude dancer.

Skin Deep (1992) by Timothy Hallinan

The Four Last Things (1990)

When Simeon Grist is hired by a recording company to trail suspected embezzler Sally Oldfield, he discovers she's involved in something far more lucrative than CDs--namely, a multi-million-dollar religious scam. And Grist's snooping makes him a prime target for hell . . . .

The Four Last Things (1990) by Timothy Hallinan

Incinerator (1992)

Another Simeon mystery that I could not put down. I love books that mix murder and religion. That is one reason I really like this series. I have read half of the series so far and I can't wait to start the next book. Unfortunately, I skipped around in the series and started with the last one fir...

Incinerator (1992) by Timothy Hallinan

The Bone Polisher (1996)

In this next entry in Timothy Hallinan's highly praised series, private investigator Simeon Grist trails a serial killer whose methods appear to be based on an ancient Chinese legend.

The Bone Polisher (1996) by Timothy Hallinan