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Read Series: Sonja Blue

by Author Nancy A. Collins


A Dozen Black Roses (2000)

A Dozen Black Roses takes place in part of a large U.S. city called Deadtown. The citizens of Deadtown are made up of drug addicts, alcoholics, gang members and vampires. There are two vampires that are fighting for control of Deadtown. One is Lord Esher who was good friends with a certain horror...

A Dozen Black Roses (2000) by Nancy A. Collins

In the Blood (1992)

I enjoyed this book more than Sunglasses After Dark. I thought it was more tightly-plotted, and it has a happier ending. There's far less of the confusing dream/flashback/trippy stuff from Sunglasses After Dark, which makes more room for plot.In Sunglasses After Dark, we meet Sonja Blue, a vampir...

In the Blood (1992) by Nancy A. Collins

Dead Roses for a Blue Lady (2003)

Previously available only in an ultra-limited-edition hardcover, Dead Roses for a Blue Lady collects eight tales of Sanja Blue, all by the vampire/vampire-hunter's creator Nancy A. Collins. These tales include the hard-to-find "Vampire King of the Goth Chicks" and "Some Velvet Morning" along with...

Dead Roses for a Blue Lady (2003) by Nancy A. Collins

Sunglasses After Dark (2000)

Sunglasses After Dark is a horror novel. So anyone looking for romance and vampire sparklies should skip this book. The vampires are vicious asshats. The heroine is a killer, and there’s lots of violence and gore. There’s not a drop of UST. Okay maybe a little bit. LOL Did I like it? Yes and...

Sunglasses After Dark (2000) by Nancy A. Collins