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Read Series: Taboo Wishes

by Author Brynn Paulin


Mr. Smith's Whip (2000)

Mr Smith's Whip is book four in the Taboo Wishes, BDSM erotica by Brynn Paulin. This story is about Olivia 'Livvy' and Colin 'Mr Smith'. Livvy is a librarian with a conservative appearance, who's been fantasizing about Colin dominating her. Colin is an accomplished author who leases a library ...

Mr. Smith's Whip (2000) by Brynn Paulin

Kidnap and Kink (2010)

I loved the concept--- a sexy guy makes a woman's secret fantasy come true by actually kidnapping her. And that part was handled well-- he made her feel safe enough that he wasn't a psycho out to harm her, but still frightened enough to keep her on edge and add to that excitement. But I actually ...

Kidnap and Kink (2010) by Brynn Paulin

Punished (2010)

I love a good Alpha male staking his claim, and what I enjoyed about this story was the characters already knew each other and the attraction was already set from the first page, and while one of them was in the dark regarding the others identity in the beginning, it didn't stop the scorching hot...

Punished (2010) by Brynn Paulin