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Read Series: Tales Of Alvin Maker

by Author Orson Scott Card


Prentice Alvin (1991)

Posted at FanLit. Alvin is the third book in Orson Scott Card’s TALES OF ALVIN MAKER. After the excitement in the last book, Red Prophet, when Alvin and his family experienced the Battle of Tippecanoe, Alvin is finally off to Hatrack River, where h...

Prentice Alvin (1991) by Orson Scott Card

Seventh Son (1988)

Books about special children with magic powers being manipulated by binary forces are kind of boring. There seems to be a glut of them.As the 18th century draws its final, decade-long gasps, America looks a lot different than our history remembers. Dutch colonies and Aboriginal nations have becom...

Seventh Son (1988) by Orson Scott Card

Alvin Journeyman (2005)

Victory of Eagles, A Novel of Temeraire, by Naomi Novak (recognizable historical mileu): Thoroughly enjoyed this story of Napoleon's invasion of Britain and how dragons, led by Temeraire, and his captain, Will Laurence, help the British repel the French, who have their own dragon force. While...

Alvin Journeyman (2005) by Orson Scott Card

Red Prophet (1992)

Originally posted at FanLit: Prophet is the second book in Orson Scott Card’s THE TALES OF ALVIN MAKER, an alternate history set in a frontier America in which folk magic is real. In the first book, Seventh Son, we were introduced to the main protagonist...

Red Prophet (1992) by Orson Scott Card

Heartfire (2015)

This fifth volume of the series finds Alvin and Peggy now married, and expecting the birth of their first child, but separated for much of the book by separate missions far apart geographically. His continuing quest for understanding of how to build the "Crystal City" of his vision will take him...

Heartfire (2015) by Orson Scott Card