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Read Series: Tel Aviv Trilogy

by Author Edeet Ravel


A Wall of Light (2006)

i would give this book three and a half if possible, for i did end up enjoying it! it was an unlikely candidate for being a book i became immersed in, but i thought it would be decent at least, and when one lives far from any good collection of english language books, you just arenĀ“t that picky! ...

A Wall of Light (2006) by Edeet Ravel

Look for Me (2005)

Eleven years ago Dana Hillman's husband caught fire and then disappeared. Dana, a photographer who joins the Israeli pro-Palestine activists at demonstrations in the occupied territories and writes trashy romance novels in secret to pay her bills, has never given up hope of seeing him again. Ever...

Look for Me (2005) by Edeet Ravel