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Read Series: The Aegypt Cycle

by Author John Crowley


Daemonomania (2001)

Again four stars, but this was a rougher one for me . . . it's really 3.5 with the scope of the whole series pulling it up a little. Mostly because I don't like Rose, and the more the book zoomed in on her the more irritated I got. I have a painfully low tolerance for people I want to slap, whe...

Daemonomania (2001) by John Crowley

Aegypt (1987)

I have to confess that I was stumped by this one.Coming to Crowley as I have through Little, Big and Engine Summer, I was expecting some blissfully ambiguous fantasy to emerge when the main character Pierce Moffett stepped off a bus, abandoned the track of the life that he knew, and followed an o...

Aegypt (1987) by John Crowley

Endless Things (2007)

Praise for the Aegypt sequence: "A dizzying experience, achieved with unerring security of technique."-The New York Times Book Review "A master of language, plot, and characterization."-Harold Bloom "The further in you go, the bigger it gets."-James Hynes "The writing here is intricate...

Endless Things (2007) by John Crowley

Love & Sleep (1994)

Inevitably a disappointment, coming after The Solitudes, which gives the quartet such a strong start. But I suspect Love and Sleep is more satisfying the second time around, when the reader has a better idea of its strengths as well as its (many) weaknesses. The main problem is the way its parts ...

Love & Sleep (1994) by John Crowley